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Kisah Burung Merak yang Jatuh Bersama Iblis dari Surga - Peacock is a legend that is called is not in Islam, but in judaism, fahaman Yazidi and Zoroaster, devotee star. They consider that the peacock is the same thing with Satan fall from Heaven as seen by Prophet Isa AS are recorded in the Bible. We Muslims are not obliged to believe because it is not written in the hadith and the book, it's just that the story is popular in the Middle East, especially Turkey / Iraq / Kurdistan are also some areas that embrace schools of Sufi, who are facing elimination by the Sunni as is now happening in Libya where schools of Sufi shrines and they are considered perverted and destroyed. Misguidance and maybe that's why the peacock likes follow Satan who like to be praised to disbelieve in God, who has all praise praise. Then the adherents of Zoroastrianism as well as the Yazidis and this Yazidis worship Melek Taus or peafowl heaven who likes to be praised. (Forget them with their religion, because we will not discuss it) It's true what people say that the peacock when they hear someone praised him then he will develop his tail! It feels a bit strange, but it is said that one of the things that became a miracle peacock. When the bird of paradise (heaven bird) in Papua is also famous for the magic of the carcass that does not stink, even fragrant. And another thing nobody ever saw eggs, nests and small children. Hard to find where he is lodged? Like the peacock who developed his tail when he heard the words of praise. Only God knows the unseen matter and Zahir. The entry into Heaven devil to deceive Adam. After Adam was crowned as the caliph, he then lived in heaven with his wife Eve Janatul paradise. Adam thinks that all the gates of heaven so Pharmaceutics; may not be entered by the devil. Besides, he thought, that what his mistake against the devil, the devil anyway very far with him that is in the earth, and Adam in heaven. The devil is always looking for a way wanted to deceive Adam, to destroy it. The devil began looking for an opportunity to mislead. The devil went away from the first layer of the earth, to heaven through the seven heavens. Long story short, the devil has arrived at the door of heaven. He patiently awaits the opening of the door. Suddenly come to close the doors of heaven peacock. Peacock look out through the cracks in the walls of heaven, because he heard there was a voice crying in there. "Who are you?" Asked the peacock. "I have an angel among angels a lot. And I really want to meet you, "replied the devil. "Why are you sitting here. What dayamu wanted to meet with me? "Asked the peacock again. "Let you stand at heaven's door, so that you taught a prayer. And is a prayer that is going to teach these three properties will be bestowed by Allah Ta'ala to anyone who practice it. First, young forever; second, not dead forever; and third, it will not come out of heaven forever, "said the Devil. "I can not open heaven, heaven door is locked by the Angels for Adam in heaven," said the peacock. "Talk to you also about (how) opened the doors of heaven," said the Devil again. Then peacock was passed to inform the inhabitants of heaven others about events that have happened it. Incidentally the first thing he encountered was a snake. Once notified, the snake immediately went to the nearby home of heaven. It turns out, the devil was crying, then the snake was turning his head to the outside through cracks in the walls. Seeing no one noticed behavior devil, he spoke, "Hi snakes, learn ye what is coming from me (form) of this prayer, so that you avoid the dangers of crime, and I ask from you promise to bring me into this heaven . "The snake asserted," I could not open the door of heaven is for Adam to be in it, because heaven is locked by the Angels, and the key is in him. "" I can not setting my feet (in) heaven, but (only) at The gates of heaven. But open your mouth so I can get into your mouth, "said the devil. Snake muttered to himself, "He will not be able to get into my mouth." The snake was finally willing hath opened her mouth. The devil jumped into the snake's mouth. Satan asked the snake, "Hi snake, take me by you to the tree of Eternity." After arriving at the destination, the devil immediately to the outside, and sat on the tree. To attract the attention of the inhabitants of heaven, he cried loudly. Alarmed the inhabitants of heaven who heard the sound of crying. Caused never before weeping in heaven. The angel who heard immediately approached toward the sound of crying. Eve, from a distance saw the Angel central gathering, he approached them, saying, "What's wrong with you guys swarming like this?" Bidadari'itu replied, "At this snake there is somebody in the mouth. Who he was, none of us know. "Knowing there Eve in front of him, the devil turned his face toward Eve. Eve said to Satan, "Hey Parents, who are you, and where datangmu, and what you tangiskan?" The devil, "O Youth, in fact I have (come) from the angel, and I tangiskan it for you will be issued by Allah Ta'ala than in this heaven. If you wish to be eternal in heaven this, ye eat the fruit of this tree, you are not necessarily going to come out again in heaven is forever. "He continued," I'll show you where the tree. Ye eat the fruit. Surely, if you eat it, surely thou in heaven kekallah this. It is not you out of it. "Decisive Eve," I am forbidden by Allah Ta'ala and eat the fruit of the tree. How do you this, tell me to eat the fruit of the tree? "" Know ye that the wisdom of God that you want to put out into the world again you will be old by him, so Evil your shapes. If you eat the fruit of the tree, it is not you (will) feel the crime again, "persuaded the devil set out to deceive the human race. And swore by Allah and some big ones oath. Eve started to wear his faith to God's command not to eat an apple. He began to think that these people have sworn by the name of Allah the Most Exalted great, of course, because it wants to show the goodness to him. And he (Satan) swore to them, Verily I was among those who gave advice to you both ". (Sura 7:21) Finally, Eve was persuaded by the devil. He took three trees of Eternity prohibited it. One has eaten, while the rest will be given to her husband, Adam When given to Adam., He asked: "What fruit is" Eve replied, "This is the fruit of the tree which is forbidden by Allah Ta'ala it. Mr. servants, eat one (only). Servant eat an "Adam asked," How does it feel this fruit? "" Very good flavor, "said Eve. "I do not want to eat it," said Adam's. "The servant had already eaten it. Why Mr. servants do not want to eat it, "persuaded Eve. "Because I've been faithful to my God, should not be, that I was forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree, it is not I will ignore the command of my Lord," said the Prophet Adam And We covenanted with Adam before, but he forgot (will order it), and we find him a strong will. (Qur'an 20: 115) Eve looking for a sense that Adam's can eat an apple. He tried a manner as would succeed, by giving wine 'to the Prophet Adam. After taken by Adam, making it forget the promise faithfully to the Lord about the prohibition of eating an apple. Her heart was closed. Begin taken an apple from Eve's hand. Adam U.S even eat it. However, just got in her throat, then terlepaslah crown worn on his head; fall, then fly. Selurun jewelery Adam and Eve was suddenly detached and body both, disappeared spotting. Adam oversized chairs made of gold with bertahtahkan ratna-Mutumanikam vanished Then they were now naked body at all. Then they both ate of the tree. then appeared to them genitalia-nakedness and start both covered it with leaves (in) heaven, and durhakalah Adam to God and he went astray. (Qur'an 20: 121) Then both ran looking at a tree whose roots are made of emeralds, and all branches of gold, leaves made of sundusin and astabraqin. Adam also pray, "O my Lord, once the tree is good, beautiful nian apparently. You would anugerahkanlah unto thy servant. "But Allah not allow his request. Then Adam seek another tree. This time he found a tree called Al-Jabbar. However, at the time will take the leaves, the tree suddenly elevate himself. There is another tree called Ud. Adam asked the tree leaves. Ud trees also provide most leaves. However, a voice: "Hi my tree, Ud, your help would be futile, because you help it (has) ignore my commands." Ud tree was lifted up himself. While Adam and Eve run in heaven because it is very kalutnya. When Adam and his wife ran amid fear, menyahutnya voice said, "Hi Adam." But Adam did not respond. Twice again it appears sound replication. Then Gabriel called on Adam, "O Adam. Lord gave the word to you. Why you did not answer. "Then came another voice again:" Flee you from me. "Adam miserably sad," Shame once to thy servant, O Lord. "God said," Adam. would not have been Kutegaskan you that you should not eat the fruit from the tree. Did not I taught you that Satan was the real enemy. Adam then say quietly: They say, "Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You forgive us and have mercy upon us, surely we are the losers" (Qur'an 7:23)

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